Teaching mobile journalism at journalism school

Terrific post from Michele McLellan at the Knight Digital Media Center:


Here’s an excerpt:

Baird recommends finding ways to teach mobile skills and mindset through assignments and exercises in other journalism classes.

One exercise Baird has found especially useful is to teach students how to live-tweet: “Just have them tweet their notes to your lecture, right there in class. It’s fairly futile to try to keep them from using their phones in class anyway, so you might as well have them do it in a way that adds to the lesson,” she said.

“Give them a hashtag for the class and explain how to use it, and give some examples of what good live-tweeting looks like. Then, during class, keep a projector running from your computer, to display the current results for the class hashtag. When they see the instant results, and when they see what their classmates are posting, they learn pretty quickly.”

I’m going to try this next week in Journalism 24/7.

  1. This is a great idea for a getting a practical feel for how something works. (And having tried live-tweeting, I note it’s not that easy!) One drawback to live-tweeting or live-blogging, tho, is a lack of context: while those with a close connection to an event can fill in any blanks (they’re in the same lecture, e.g.), others might have a less rich experience. A recent EditorsWeblog post touched on this: http://bit.ly/gWCL37.

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